"La Battaglia d'Inghilterra" - Locations

The Location Archaeology of the Enzo G.Castellari War Flick "Eagles over London".
Carsten Thiemann (Location Archeologist), 2009.

Van Johnson German LC
Eagles over London
Fuentiduena de Tajo, 1969
comparison photo march 2009
Paco Rabal
Comparison photo march 2009
comparison photo march 2009
comparison photo march 2009
I discovered this location some time ago and already have an extensive report
online with more "Eagles over London" Comparison photos and a detailed Bridge
Location Archaeology. You will find it here: Fuentiduena de Tajo

La Manga del Mar Menor (Murcia) is the "Dünkirchen" Location for "Eagles over London".
La Manga del Mar Menor
I already recommended the great Documentary "El ultimo Truco" about the spanish Set Magician Emilio Ruiz del Rio. 
There is a discussion between Emilio and Director Enzo G. Castellari about the work on "Eagles over London" in it.
Emilio Ruiz del Rio made some great scenes possible for Castellari.
The "Operation Dynamo" in Spain.
Wow, so many ships...and everything looks so big! Hollywood in La Manga?
This is the work of Emilio Ruiz del Rio! 
The Ships we believe to see in the Background are not real and actually a painting/model which is standing in the Foreground. 
The Construction is fixed between wood pylons like the one you see in the Screenshot.
A great work of Emilio Ruiz in La Manga del Mar Menor.
WAR Emilio Ruiz