"The Last Run" - On Location Report

"The Last Run" (1971) is an excellent Action Movie Production with one big Hollywood Star, many problems and marvelous locations!
George C.Scott about why he made The Last Run:
"I'm doing it because it reminds me of old Bogart pictures" ("Time" Magazine 1971).
Our report will show you the unknown locations, very rare behind-the-scenes photos
and the thrilling history of the Movie Car.

Carsten Thiemann, July 2011.

The Movie was entirely filmed on location in Southern Spain (Andalucia).
Several locations are well known (Nerja) others not.
My favorite Location of the movie is the Bridge where they shot the 
Prison Bus Escape Scene. I discovered the Location near Orgiva.
It's the Puente de los 7 Ojos (Puente de Orgiva), the Bridge over the 
Rio Guadalfeo near Orgiva (Andalucia).

Harry Garmes (George C.Scott) is driving his BMW 503 through the tunnel and
over the bridge, where he is picking up the escaped prisoner Tony Musante.
The Tunnel - I hope to see the Movie released in good quality one day!
Comparison photo April 2011
The BMW 503, 1971
Comparison photo April 2011
"The Last Run" Movie Bridge over the Rio Guadalfeo - Puente de Orgiva.
Comparison Photo April 2011
George C.Scott in his BMW 503, 1971
After 40 years the area has changed a bit - Today there is a Bar (of course!) near
the Bridge.
George C.Scott
Everything is prepared...the prison bus is coming.
Comparison photo April 2011
Tony Musante
Comparison photo April 2011
The well-planned escape takes her running!
1971 - A truck in trouble...  Tony Musante
...and again 2011!
The Escape route leads across the river for Tony Musante. Comparison photo April 2011 - Rio Guadalfeo
Puente de Orgiva 2011 - Gangster Paul Rickard (Tony Musante) was running through
the river near the Bridge to jump into the BMW of the transporter Harry Garmes (George C.Scott) to ferry to france.
Marlboro Man
Escape with style.
Tony Musante - George C.Scott - Trish van Devere
Having Fun during filming

Behind the Scenes of "The Last Run". 
All photos are from the www.movie-locations-spain.com archive.
Director John Huston (center) directs George C.Scott (right) while Director of
Photography Sven Nykvist watches.
"To Director John Huston, Scott is "one of the best actors alive. But my opinion of 
him as an actor is much higher than my opinion of him as a man." 
Huston started out as director in The Last Run, now being filmed in Spain, but he and Scott clashed over the actor's objections to script rewrites and the leading lady, Tina Aumont. There were shouting matches between Scott and Huston in the early hours of the morning. Huston eventually departed, and so did Tina Aumont. The film is now being finished under the direction of Richard Fleischer." "Time" Magazine, 1971.
George C.Scott with old friend, Director John Huston, on location in Spain for
The Last Run. 
Scott: "We reached an impasse, no one could compromise, and John withdrew."
Unknown British Newspaper, 1971.
George C.Scott talking with a Crew Guy.
Director Richard Fleischer and George C.Scott.
John Huston directed the first Scenes of the Movie, George C.Scott nursing
his BMW, before he was replaced by Richard Fleischer.
A spanish policeman instructing Scott and Director Fleischer how to operate
45 cal. automatic.
Title Card of the Spanish Lobby Card Set.
During a break in shooting, George C.Scott (right) plays chess with make-up man
Mariano Garcia (left) while Scott's father watches.
George C.Scott and Director Richard Fleischer drinking a beer on the the Set of "The Last Run".
A great photo by Antonio Luengo!

During the shooting of The Last Run Calliope Films produced a "Making Off"
documentary of the production. Director Chuck Workman shot a few scenes while
Director Richard Fleischer directs the Escape scene on the Bridge of Orgiva.
Shooting "The Last Run"
The Escape Scene on the Bridge of Orgiva - Puente de los 7 Ojos
George C.Scott Tony Musante
Director Richard Fleischer - Director of Photography Sven Nykvist - George C.Scott
Tony Musante on the Run
Comparison photo April 2011
Comparison 1971/2011
Orgiva - Puente de los 7 Ojos
The "Making Off" Documentary also has a nice little George C.Scott Interview.
I always wondered where they filmed it....and finally I discovered the location.
It's the Embalse de los Bermejales near Granada (Andalucia) - Comparison photo April 2011.
Embalse de los Bermejales
Big Carps

The Movie Car is a classic one - A BMW 503 Cabriolet of the year 1957.
What happened to this rare and sought after Movie Car after Harry Garmes (George C.Scott) had a hard crash with it at the end of the movie.
The British Film Production company shipped the wreck back to England after
the filming and sold it to a BMW dealer....
In 2003 the German BMW 503 Fan and enthusiast Franz Schöfmann saw an ad in a British Oldtimer Magazine. 
The wreck of the old Movie Car was offered for Sale. 
Immediately he took a plane to London and bought the Car!
Franz Schöfmann: "A few frogs jumped out...and under a thick plastic plane I actually saw the old Movie Car." 
Fast it was clear that the restauration will be a tough job!
The Car was in a desolated condition with damage everywhere, lots of missing parts...and parts scattered on the property of the owner (barn, attic, garden ...).
The Movie BMW 503 got a few special features which the standard versions didn't have.
The seatbelt for example was such a special feature for the Movie.
It was still there when Franz Schöfmann bougth the Car.
Harry Garmes is closing the seatbelt for a hard ride with his BMW 503.
A Movie Car wreck. Obviously the original color of the BMW had been red once and gray was painted over for the movie.
Franz Schöfmann in his completely restaurated original "Harry Garmes" BMW 503 Cabriolet. 
It was a hard and long way from the first photos of the wreck in England to this high-quality restauration. 
A fantastic Job which took the "Schöfmann Crew" 5 years and about 250.000 Euro!
George C.Scott An old ad for the BMW 503 showing a "The Last Run" Scene.
French Lobby Card - Harry Garmes is working on the BMW engine.
The engine of the restaurated BMW 503 today.
Harry Garmes checks out the engine of his 1957 BMW 503, in preparation for picking
up the escaped prisoner he is to ferry to France.
Great photo of the legendary Set and Crew photographer Antonio Luengo!
I'm a wild collector of his black and white Shots!
On the road again - Franz Garmes...sorry Schöfmann in his wonderful BMW 503 Cabriolet.
  Very special thanks to Franz Schöfmann for his photos and informations!  
If you want more informations about the restauration of the Movie Car or
about the BMW 503 in general, I recommend the website of Franz Schöfmann:

Another excellent b/w shot from Antonio Luengo. 
George C.Scott enjoying a coffee during a break in shooting The Last Run.
Part 2 will show you the Nerja (Andalucia) locations (Old Bridge, Aguila Aqueduct,...).
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