Almeria Legends

"Play Dirty" - A bizarre group of killers and perverts are sent on a desperate mission 
behind Rommels lines to destroy a Nazi Oil Depot.
"Hating the Germans a little more than they hate each other, the exploits of these ruthless 
saboteurs are studded with murder, treachery and heroism as they fight a bitter war, 
knowing the winner must play dirty."
I show you the spectacular Locations of this rude Cult Movie with a 
cynical, anti-war attitude.

Carsten Thiemann ("Play Dirty" Location Archaeologist).

The Locations of a Cult Movie - The Desert and the Badlands around Almeria, Spain.
Almeria, 14.3.1968 - The Birthday of Michael Caine.
The Crew organized a proper Birthday Party on set in the Desert.
Michael Caine cuts his birthday cake, a large marzipan cake.
A Knife in one hand, cigarette in the other - Michael is thrilled ("Play Dirty" irony).
"Play Dirty", 1968 - A impressive Rock Formation on the Military training area of the
"Alvarez de Sotomayor" Military Base. 
Comparison photo 2007 - It was very difficult to discover this special Location. 
And to make some photos on a Military Zone is not an easy catch...!
Michael Caine (Capt.Douglas)
Comparison photo 2007 - Cabezo del Aguila, Benavides.
Michael Caine (Capt.Douglas)
Comparison photo 2007 - Llano de Benavides.
The entire, very extensive report can be found here: "Play Dirty" on Location.
"Play Dirty" Advertising.

Michael Caine relaxed during an off-screen moment next to a Stalin Rifle Target 
on the set of "Billion Dollar Brain". 
I have a "corresponding" "Play Dirty" photo of Michael Caine showing the Nazi Salute.
This scene didn't made it into the Movie: "Play Dirty" Nazi Salute (Warning!Disturbing!).
"films and filming", 1969 - Michael Caine "Playing Dirty" Interview.
"I will never make another film in Spain, the conditions are so bad."
Almeria Legends "Play Dirty" Locations