La Hija de Dios - "Wheel of Pain" - La Garganta

"It really looks as far away from anything as it could possibly be",
Director John Milius.
Crom was on my side and on a glorious expedition I finally discovered the far away "Wheel of Pain" Location.
Let me tell you of the Days of high Adventure.
The thrilling Location Archaeology of a marvelous "CONAN" Set.
Carsten Thiemann (Location Archaeologist), 2009.

"Wheel of Pain"

Jorge Sanz - Column of Sadness
Comparison photo 2009
Column of Sadness
Comparison photo 2009
There it is, the "Wheel of Pain"
Comparison photo 2009
New Kidz for the "Wheel of Pain" - They are grinding grain with this thing!
Comparison photo 2009
"Wheel of Pain" at work
Comparison photo 2009
"Wheel of Pain"  Comparison photo 2009
Sketch by Ron Cobb ("Conan" Production Design) who designed the "Wheel of Pain" 
mainly in wood, with influences of scandinavian Viking Ship carvings.
Everything on "Conan" was built with the conception that it has to be functional.
And the "Wheel of Pain" was a construction to grind grain.
Ron Cobb: "Our biggest problem was that it was so well-balanced, when Arnold
pushed the thing, it just spun. The next spoke hit him in the back.
For a while we had the crew on the other side of the wheel pushing against
My spanish friend Sam (Samuel Encinas Garcia) is the proud owner of a few Figureheads of the "Wheel of Pain".
These Figureheads are original movie props. 
On each spoke of the "Wheel of Pain" was such a Figurehead.
Sam is dreaming of a big project. He wants to rebuild the "Wheel of Pain" including the original Figureheads. And he really worked on that thing!
He will rebuild the "Wheel of Pain"! Fascinating!
"Wheel of Pain" - German Lobby Card / Comparison photo 2009
French Lobby Card Comparison photo 2009
Conan is turning laps on the huge round basis of the "Wheel of Pain".
The Basis is gone but on the right is a round foundation made of concrete
coming into view.
Can this be the conrete foundation (ruin) of the "Wheel of Pain"?
The position of this Basis is good, its round, it can be the old foundation!
Concrete Foundation of the "Wheel of Pain"
Comparison photo 2009 - Valle de Ambles
This is really a great scene. 
After all these years on the "Wheel" the little Kid is getting stronger and stronger
and then we finally see Arnold for the first time. 
Yugoslavian Lobby Card Comparison photo 2009
"That which does not kill you makes you stronger."
Director John Milius actually wanted to shoot all of the changing of seasons for the
"Wheel of Pain" sequence. Especially the Winter scenes posed the most problems and
we only see this little "Wheel" Snow scene in the movie. 
Comparison photo 2009
A Conan Action Figure on location in Spain. 
Its a pimped "Conan - the Warrior" Figure of the old REMCO Conan Action Figure line made in the 80ths. 
I killed no Wolf for the fur but a "Grizzlor" Action Figure lost his life (MOTU Series).
The Conan Team had hopes of a landscape covered with snow but there never was enough snow at all to shoot the Winter Season "Wheel of Pain" sequence.
The spanish Foreground Model Artist Emilio Ruiz del Rio built a miniature
"Wheel of Pain" covered with snow and he painted a "Snow Mask" on a big sheet of glass which was positioned behind of the Foreground Model. With the help of this Mask you get the impression that the whole landscape is covered with snow.
The guy you see on this photo is cleaning the glass plate to be prepared for shooting.
A great Scene! Too bad that it didn't survived the final cut.
You see the Emilio Ruiz Foreground Model and the glass plate with the painted snow on it ready for shooting.
Through the Mask it looks as if the real hills in the background were thickly covered with snow.
The "Maestro" and his great "Wheel of Pain" Foreground model!
Learn more about this fantastic Artist here: Emilio Ruiz del Rio
Survival of the fittest. Arnold is the only one left. It is his Wheel now. He is the Wheel!
Comparison photo 2009
"Wheel of Pain"
Comparison photo 2009.
The old concrete foundation is on a promising position. 
Last remains of the "Wheel of Pain" Basis?
"Wheel of Pain"
A decent Comparison photo 2009.
The scene was shot from above. 
You need a crane or somethin' similar for a better Comparison photo.
That is the guy who will buy Conan out and "train" him to become a great Pit Fighter.
Conan on Location, 2009
John Milius: "I love that he's obviously passed this way a lot...and admired the
Wheel and the guy."
Comparison photo 2009
The "Wheel of Pain" from Above. 
Probably a wide-angel lens shot. 
Look at the bended Horizon (left/right) in comparison to my photo.
Comparison photo 2009. The best I could do without a Crane/Giraffe.
A sad moment during my "Wheel of Pain" Location Archaeology Expedition.
Near to the old Set I found this dead German Shepherd Dog.
The Wolf Scene came into my mind immediately. 
But the sequence with Arnold and the so called "trained" Dogs was actually shot near
Colmenar Viejo.

My amigo Sam is rebuilding the "Wheel of Pain". Yes, you did hear correctly.
He will rebuild the entire old Set. This is quite a fascinating project of a true fan.
What he has finished so far looks fantastic!
I would really like to see the "Wheel" in Action again one day, Sam.
Sam will keep us updated about the progress of his terrific project.
   Very Special Thanks to Samuel Encinas Garcia ("Sam") for his informations and the great photos!!!  

Among all the great movies filmed in Spain, one particularly stands out.
And this is "Conan the Barbarian".
He deserves a powerful and extensive Expedition: The Conan Location Archaeology. 
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